Be More than You Are . . . It's Possible by Don H. Polston

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By Don H. Polston

Be greater than you're . . . it is attainable indicates us easy methods to trasform into what we're created to be.

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Be More than You Are . . . It's Possible

Be greater than you're . . . it is attainable indicates us the way to trasform into what we're created to be.

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It should be rewarding. I feel the change starting . . NOW! Amen. THE HABIT OF GOOD HABITS A good habit is like a good friend; it’s always there in times of stress. Forming good habits is like making friends; the more friends you have, the greater your chances for protection, being loved, and abundant living. ” Habits work the same way. It is easy to acquire bad habits. It takes little effort. Bad habits seem to come more easily than good ones. And the elimination of bad habits takes more time and effort than the elimination of good habits.

All unselfish energy and given blessings (as well as cursings) return to you in greater quantity. You get back more than you give, both good and bad. All giving is an outward flow of energy, which compels a return. There is a cycle of giving and returning which cannot be altered. There is no act which does not return itself manifold. You must prepare for your returns. Dig your ditches and prepare for the floods. Plant your vineyards. Accept the gifts of God. Affirm the truth that you expect to reap after its kind.

You can build a workable self-confidence within you that will bring happiness to your world and the worlds of others. 2 BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE What distorts my fears to monsters and my hopes to wishes? Lord, what is holding me down? Show me and remove the old scars . . the old skeletons. Clean me up . . clean me out. Amen. BE THE PERSON YOU WANT TO BE Do you have feelings of depression? Are there times when you consider yourself an under-achiever? Are you bothered by people who have less talent than you and yet appear to be more successful?

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