Dimensional Data Warehousing with MySQL: A Tutorial by Djoni Darmawikarta

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By Djoni Darmawikarta

Laptop programmers who have to construct a knowledge warehouse will locate correct examples and data written in an intensive, easy-to-follow kind during this step by step instructional.

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You can use it to populate the data warehouse on a daily basis. txt flat files are loaded into the customer_dim and product_dim tables through the customer_stg and product_stg tables, respectively. Loading is achieved through the use of MySQL’s LOAD DATA INFILE utility. • SCD2 is applied to customer addresses, product names, and product groups. SCD1 is applied to customer names. • Only sales orders entered on the current date are loaded to the order_dim and sales_order_fact tables. customer_number = y.

00 sec) Summary In this chapter you learned source data mapping and the process called initial population to load historical data that your users specified. In the next chapter, you learn regular population that you need to operate your data warehouse. Chapter 8: Regular Population This chapter covers regular population. Unlike initial population that you perform once only before the start of your data warehouse operation, you schedule a regular population to load the source data regularly. In this chapter I show you how to prepare data before running a script that does regular population in our dw database.

Sql */ /* */ /*****************************************************************/ USE dw; DELIMITER // ; DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS pre_populate_date // CREATE PROCEDURE pre_populate_date (IN start_dt DATE, IN end_dt DATE) BEGIN WHILE start_dt <= end_dt DO INSERT INTO date_dim( date_sk , date , month_name , month , quarter , year , effective_date , expiry_date ) VALUES( NULL , start_dt , MONTHNAME (start_dt) , MONTH (start_dt) , QUARTER (start_dt) , YEAR (start_dt) , '0000-00-00' , '9999-12-31' ) ; Chapter 6: Populating the Date Dimension 47 48 Chapter 6: Populating the Date Dimension SET start_dt = ADDDATE (start_dt, 1); END WHILE; END // DELIMITER ; // /* end of script */ You compile the stored procedure using this command.

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