Die Konfigurationsdatei des Apache

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Diese Datei basiert auf den originalen Angaben von Rob McCool, mit denen der NCSA-Server konfiguriert wurde (NCSA = nationwide heart for Supercomputing purposes, collage of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign).

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Computers are assigned to sites based on their location in a subnet or a set of subnets. You must place domain controllers within sites to optimize authentication and replication. This logical structure is what is presented to users. Within a domain, you can create accounts for users, groups, and computers as well as for shared resources such as printers and folders. In Figure 1-11, a domain object is represented by a large triangle, and the objects it contains are shown within it. Figure 1-11 An Active Directory domain.

Finally, Appendix A provides a quick reference for command-line utilities you’ll use when working with Active Directory. What Conventions Are Used in This Book? When I introduce and define a new term, I put it in italics. This book also has notes, tips and other sidebar elements that provide additional details on points that need emphasis. It covers everything you need to perform core tasks for Active Directory, but it is by no means exhaustive. Seek additional information as necessary to get the practical experience and knowledge that you need.

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