Developing and managing engineering procedures: concepts and by Phillip A. Cloud

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By Phillip A. Cloud

This booklet offers hands-on strategies for writing engineering methods to accomplish ISO 9000 compliance.

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Departmental instruction sections. 0 EXAMPLE DEPARTMENTAL INSTRUCTION See Appendix B for another example of a departmental instruction. Document Format and Contents Departmental Instruction (~ Title: Where-Used Input Dept. Inst. 0 Purpose The purpose of this procedure is to provide instructions, and assign responsibilities for inputting the Where-Used information, for parts and assemblies, into the computer. 0 Definitions Class 1 Change-Interchangeable: A part (1) possesses such physical characteristics as to be equivalent in reliability, and maintainability, to another part; and (2) is capable of being exchanged for the other item (a) without alteration for fit, and (b) without alteration ofadj oining items.

All of the information in the header is the same as page one. Signatures are not required on subsequent pages; therefore, a footer is not required. 44 Developing and Managing Engineering Procedures Engineering Procedure Title: O Release Date: Eng. Proc. " 0 @ ]Revision: Subsequent Page Example-Engineering ProcedurePage 2 O ]Page: 0 Document Format and Contents 45 Engineering Procedure (Page 2) - Preparation. Each of the following circled numbers corresponds to the circled numbers on the subsequent pages of the example engineering procedure.

Departmental Instructions have a simpler format than engineering procedures. The cover page can have a header and a footer to capture useful information and approval signatures and subsequent pages will just have a header to link the pages together. The same format is used for all departmental instructions, because having them all the same, as much as possible, is more economical. Any time there are variations in thinking pattems, time and money are wasted. 3. Departmental instruction format. This section shows how to develop a complete departmental instruction.

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