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Slaughter, A. Stone Sweet and J. H. H. ), The European Court and National Courts: Doctrine and Jurisprudence. Legal Change in its Social Context, Oxford 1998; G. De ´ Burca and J. H. H. ), The European Court of Justice, Oxford 2001. To repeat, with a certain degree of freedom, the telling expression used by A. Lo Faro, ‘La Corte di giustizia e i suoi interlocutori giudiziari nell’ordinamento giuslavoristico italiano’, Lavoro e Diritto 1998, no. 3, pp. , here p. 622. In the words of Pinelli, ‘La dicotomia’, pp.

22 no. -J. Constantinesco, ‘La constitution e´ conomique de la CEE’, Revue Trimestrielle de Droit Europ´een 1977, pp. 244ff. The definition adopted here echoes in large measure the classical one developed by the German ordoliberal school (on which cf. D. J. Gerber, ‘Constitutionalizing the Economy: German Neoliberalism, Competition Law and the “New” Europe’, American ´ Journal of Comparative Law 1994, vol. 42, pp. , especially p. 44, and also R. Miccu, ‘“Economia e costituzione”: una lettura della cultura giuspubblicistica tedesca’, Quaderni del Pluralismo 1996, pp.

1998 (and London 1999). P. Bianchi, ‘Europa smarrita ed Europa ritrovata: decisione politica e gap democratico’, in L. ), Oltre l’Euro. Istituzioni, occupazione e crescita, Bologna 1999, p. 52. embedded liberalism 15 European economies to each other and thereby allow the rapid expansion of intra-Community trade, the will and the need to extend the state’s capacity for economic and social intervention. 2. e. all the fundamental principles relating to the organization of and the course followed by economic processes44 as directly or indirectly enshrined in the founding Treaties of 1951 and 1957) was a full and conscious expression of, and indeed totally reflected, what has been described above as the post-war institutional compromise of embedded liberalism.

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