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Qxp 3/13/02 3:58 PM Page 396 Part Two: Database Programming procedure, which is why you need it declared elsewhere. CUR_TBLUSER. Lines 10 and 11 of Listing 6-10 is where the rows that match the passed last name criterion, are retrieved with the CUR_TBLUSER cursor and saved in the ROWS OUT parameter. Listing 6-11 shows you how to retrieve the result set from the stored procedure. Listing 6-11. ToString()); 28 } 29 } In Listing 6-11, you can see how I set up the command object on Lines 12 through 13, and then prepare the prmLastName input parameter with the value of “Doe”.

NOTE The trigger editor performs syntax checking when you save your trigger, meaning if the syntax of your trigger is invalid, you aren’t allowed to save it to your database. EXERCISE 1) Create a new trigger for the tblUser table and save it with the name tblUser_Update. 2) This is an update trigger, so you need to change the text on Line 3 to FOR UPDATE. 3) Replace the text on Line 5 and down with the following: DECLARE @strFirstName varchar(50) /* Get the value for the FirstName column */ SELECT @strFirstName = (SELECT FirstName FROM inserted) /* Check if we’re updating the LastName column.

It almost works the same as with the SQL Server example code in Listing 6-3. CUR_TBLUSER) There are other ways of calling a stored procedure in your Oracle database, such as using the ODBC {call storedprocedurename} syntax, but I’ve chosen to show you the way that looks and feels as close to the one used for calling SQL Server procedures. Using Views A view is, as the word suggests, a display of data in your database. Perhaps it helps to think of a view as a virtual table. It can be a subset of a table or an entire table, or it can be a subset of several joined tables.

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