Crime and Punishment in America: Almanac by Sarah Hermsen

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By Sarah Hermsen

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The 1648 Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts, for example, often quoted biblical passages. 14 Crime and Punishment in America: Almanac Puritans on their way to church. Puritans had strict punishments against any deviation from the strict laws of their religion. (© Bettmann/Corbis) Colonists considered lying, idleness (not working), drunkenness, various sexual offenses, and even general bad behavior as crime. Playing certain games in the Puritan colonies, such as shuffleboard or cards, was a crime.

In addition to the court punishment, the church scolded defendants, denied certain privileges, or Colonial Period 17 The Colonial Criminal in the Seventeenth Century Colonial criminals were almost all men. Men were accused of 95 percent of violent crimes and 74 percent of thefts, or an overall 80 percent of the serious crimes. Witchcraft was one of the few crimes where women were the majority of the accused. Another female-related crime was infanticide, in which women killed their newborn children.

Place the word “crime” at the center of the diagram and surround it with words or pictures that convey the various causes. Types of Crime: Create a visual diagram illustrating the various types of violent crimes, crimes against property, and public order crimes (such as substance abuse, prostitution, and pornography). Place the word “crime” in a circle at the center of the diagram, surround it with three more circles representing each general crime category, and then surround each category circle with words that describe the types of crime within that category.

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