Crime and Punishment: Essential Primary Sources (Social by K. Lee Lerner

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By K. Lee Lerner

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In 1967, Britain liberalized its abortion laws so that any woman was permitted an abortion with the written consent of two physicians. K. to take advantage of the change in the law—600 American women in the first three months of 1969 alone. Then, in 1970, abortion on request was introduced in four American states—Alaska, Hawaii, New York, and Washington. S. abortion law. In the famous case of Roe v. S. Supreme Court ruled that the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution provided a fundamental right for women to obtain abortions.

The other hour will be spent either showering and shaving, or locked into a recreation cage. When inmates are moved by escort officers, they wear shackles, cuffs, and belly chains. They have little interaction with other human beings. Recent class-action suits concur with the beliefs expressed in “How maximum-security jails make the baddest of men even worse,” suggesting that solitary confinement may be most effective at inciting anger and antisocial behavior. When the average person learns of the most heinous, or shocking, crimes, the first thought is that the perpetrator was mentally impaired or unbalanced.

1995: Study by the Rand Corporation finds that every dollar spent in drug treatment saves society seven dollars in crime, policing, incarceration, and health services. 1988: Pam Am Flight 103 is destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland. 1995: A car bomb explodes outside the Alfred P. Mur- 1988: The Human Genome Organization (HUGO) is rah Federal office building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19, collapsing walls and floors. 169 persons were killed, including 19 children and one person who died in the rescue effort.

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