Creative church administration by Lyle E. Schaller

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By Lyle E. Schaller

This writer tackles one of many least taught matters in seminary and but one of many components commonest to difficulties for state-of-the-art clergy. a really necessary education and resourcing instrument.

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Avoid intentionally erratic or unpredictable behavior. Develop and maintain integrity between what you say and what you do. Communicate to the best of your ability. Communication is any form of behavior which results in the exchange of meaning. The whole person communicates. And there is limited if any motivation without communication. Communicate the truth, the facts, with integrity. Be an example. Try. Let your example be good, positive. The "Follow Me" on the shoulder patches of the officer-candidates at Fort Benning, Georgia, should be the figurative symbol of the Christian administrator-motivator.

Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate this and to sum up this chapter is to be somewhat redundant. It is the practice of many congregations to ask the members to vote on proposals for change. The proposal may be to shift from one to two worship services on Sunday morning, or to relocate the meeting place, or to undertake a special program of outreach, or to share a pastor with another congregation, or to change the age of confirmation for children, or to adopt a new liturgy. Too often this is presented in a form which asks people to vote "yes" or "no" on the proposed change.

Third, the process of getting from "here" to "there" requires planning, policy formulation, decision-making, decision implementation, and evaluation. In very simple terms this process can be described by this diagram: Nonplanning The list of planning models that might be used by a congregation is very long, and it is impossible to describe them all here. 1 There is no one "best" model. Which is the best model to use will depend very heavily on local conditions at the time that a serious planning effort is undertaken.

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