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The function of the pc within the perform of natural chemistry has been firmly validated over the last decade. Its makes use of as a wide scale info garage and retrieval gadget in chemistry were too various to say. extra lately, the applicability of pcs to the matter of studying legitimate and moderate synthesis routes for natural molecules has been validated. This has been either as an accessory to the 1 chemist within the online interactive mode ,2,3 and in addition as a unconditionally computer-directed procedure looking to simulate the clever prob- four lem-solving task of the human natural man made chemist. ,5 In all of those laptop functions to natural chemistry, it's been essential to devise a few computer-compatible repres- tation of an natural molecule that's either canonical and c- venient for desk look-ups. this can be so that entities which have been developed at varied instances below various conditions may be pointed out and labeled, with exact molecules being famous as such whether their connection matrices record the weather of the molecule in numerous orders. E. J. Corey and W. T. Wipke, technology, 166, 178 (1969). 2 E. J. Corey, W. T. Wipke, R. D. Cramer III and W. J. Howe, J. Americ. Chern. Soc. , ninety four, 421 (1972) and 431 (1972). three E. J. Corey, R. D. Cramer III and W. J. Howe, ~. Americ. Chern. Soc. , ninety four, 440 (1972). four H. L. Gelernter, N. S. Sridharan and A. J.

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C) For each possible implementation of algorithm 2' form the corresponding adjacency matrix and let A(8) be the lexicographically least of all these adjacency matrices. d) Save 8 and A(8). e) Restore the ASI assignments which were saved in step a). 3° Order the A(8)'s obtained in step 2° lexicographically. least. Let 81 be such that A(8 1 ) is Output the refinement of current ASI numbers dictated by the ordering 81 , (We shall show in the proof to theorem 3 that there is only one such 81 ,) Theorem 3.

M. There is a graph ~ isomorphism~: M~' such that preserves ASI numbers. If algorithm 2 is applied to M, M' obtaining ASI assignments with no ties for each molecule, then the corresponding adjacency matrices A(M), A(M'), one for each of M, M', are unique* and equal. , independent of how step 2° of algorithm 2 is implemented. 46 Proof of the lemma A(M) and A(M') are unique due to conditions (1) and (2). We must show that they are equal. To see this suppose we implement algorithm 2 for M and M' "in parallel"; that is, each time we do a step of the algorithm for M we do the same step for M'.

For example, suppose 4 nodes are tied at ASI number 7 and that their immediate neighbors have these ASI numbers: node 1 3, 2, 7 node 2 3, 5, 1, 2 node 3 3, 2, 7 node 4 3, 5, 1, 3 The ASI's for each node are arranged in increasing order with zeros filled in at the end of the short lists to make all lists the same size. node 1 2,3,7,0 node 2 1,2,3,5 node 3 2,3,7,0 node 4 1, 3, 3, 5. Thus we get 33 The resulting lists are evaluated lexacographically to break the 4 ties where possible. In this case the tie is broken like so: node I 9 node 2 7 node 3 9 node 4 8 Nodes I and 3 are still tied but now at ASI number 9.

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