Collected Works 4 - The Observer Is The Observed by Jiddu Krishnamurti

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By Jiddu Krishnamurti

In those talks, given in Ojai and India, Krishnamurti discusses the character of the observer. He states first and foremost, "to comprehend the confusion and distress that exist in ourselves, and on the earth, we needs to first locate readability inside of ourselves and this readability comes approximately via correct thinking...Right pondering comes with self wisdom. with out knowing your self, you don't have any foundation for concept; with out self-knowledge what you're thinking that isn't really true."

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It comes when all expectation has ceased, when the mind-heart is still. What is sought after is self-created and so is not the Real. Questioner: You say that life and death are one and the same thing. Please elaborate this startling statement. Krishnamurti: We know birth and death, existence and nonexistence; we are aware of this conflict between the opposites, the desire to live, to continue, and the fear of death, of noncontinuance. Our life is held in the pattern of becoming and non-becoming.

Is it not because in yourself you are empty, uncreative, lonely? You want to fill this loneliness, this aching void; you must have tried different ways of filling it and you hope to escape from it again by coming here. This process of covering up the arid loneliness is called inspiration. Inspiration then becomes a mere stimulation and as with all stimulation it soon brings its own boredom and insensitivity. So we go from one inspiration, stimulation, to another, each bringing its own disappointment and weariness; thus the mind-heart loses its pliability, its sensitivity; the inner capacity of tension is lost through this constant process of stretching and relaxing.

In the stillness of the present is the Eternal. But thought-feeling is weaving back and forth, like a shuttle, between the past, the present and the future; it is ever rearranging its memories; ever maneuvering itself into a better position, more advantageous and comforting to itself. It is forever dissipating and formulating and how can such a mind be still, creatively empty? It is continually causing its own becoming by endless effort, and how can such a mind understand the still being of the present?

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