Clothing & Fashion by Kelsie Cruse

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By Kelsie Cruse

This e-book explains all approximately garments & model.
Clothing --
History of garments and textiles --
Weaving and knitting --
Textile production --
Fashion --
Hip hop type --

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However, success in power-weaving also required improvements by others, including H. Horrocks of Stockport. Only during the two decades after about 1805, did power-weaving take hold. Textile manufacture was one of the leading sectors in the British Industrial Revolution, but weaving was a comparatively late sector to be mechanised. The loom became semi-automatic in 1842 with Kenworthy and Bulloughs Lancashire Loom. The various innovations took weaving from a home-based artisan activity (labour intensive and man-powered) to steam driven factories process.

Stitches can be worked from either side, and various patterns are created by mixing regular knit stitches with the "wrong side" stitches, known as purl stitches, either in columns (ribbing), rows (garter, welting), or more complex patterns. Each such fabric has different properties: a garter stitch has much more vertical stretch, while ribbing stretches much more horizontally. Because of their front-back symmetry, these two fabrics have little curl, making them popular as edging, even when their stretch properties are not desired.

Plaited stitches are a common method for knitting jewelry from fine metal wire. Illustration of entrelac. The blue and white wales are parallel to each other, but both are perpendicular to the brown and gold wales, resembling basket weaving. Edges and joins between fabrics The initial and final edges of a knitted fabric are known as the cast-on and bound-off edges. The side edges are known as the selvages; the word derives from "self-edges", meaning that the stitches do not need to be secured by anything else.

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