City of Ruins: Mourning the Destruction of Jerusalem Through by Dereck Daschke

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By Dereck Daschke

This psychoanalytic learn reads Jewish apocalypses as texts of mourning for the destruction of Jerusalem, arguing that the seers' reports of annoying loss, then visions of therapeutic and restoration, all paintings to accomplish the apocalyptic remedy for historic J

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As it happens, this depiction perfectly describes the worldview of the apocalypse, where the truth is revealed from the sacred world in a distorted way to refute the falsehood of corrupted world around us. This unconsciously determined reality erupts into mundane reality in dream or vision form (or the apocalyptic seer is translated into the heavenly realm for its direct experience, often by the same means). 6 The symbolic nature of the material not only reveals the divine mysteries hidden 6 Several authors attempt to set criteria for ‘authentic visions,’ of which Daniel Harlow (The Greek Apocalypse of Baruch [3 Baruch] in Hellenistic Judaism and Early Christianity [Leiden: Brill, 1996], 19–20) provides a succinct review, here summarized.

3 Kille, Biblical Criticism, 14. apocalyptic melancholia and the trauma of history 31 and apocalypses often reports the seer’s disturbed emotional state in the wake of his visions. The unifying feature of the Zion Apocalypses, the theme of loss and mourning, is in fact quite overt and distinctive in the depiction of the apocalypticians. Hence the three entry points into Biblical psychological criticism that Kille presents are evinced in an amplified and deeply integrated way in these texts and other apocalypses.

Id=ghost-stories-visitsfrom-the-deceased. 30 Freud, “Mourning,” 245; emphasis in original. 31 Technically, Freud speaks not of the self but of the ego (‘das Ich; Freud, “Mourning,” 256). Generally speaking, Freud conceived of the ego as a much more circumscribed psychological entity than how we commonly think of the self, which designates a kind of ‘core being’ or authentic personality. ’ Melancholia is an affliction of loss at the core of being, demonstrating a “narcissistic type of object-choice” (Freud, “Mourning,” 250).

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