Citrix Metaframe Access Suite for Windows Server 2003 by Steve Kaplan

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By Steve Kaplan

Citrix-authorized advisor explains how one can construct a strong, trustworthy, and scalable thin-client computing surroundings and set up home windows 2000/Windows 2003 Server and MetaFrame. you will additionally learn how to centralize software administration, decrease software program at the computer, and get rid of terminal emulation.

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Bandwidth management is often desirable in orderModel to prioritize ICA traffic. Bandwidth Appendix B - Creating an On-Demand Enterprise Financial Analysis management devicesan from manufacturers suchSubscription as Packeteer will Model prevent a user's large print job or file Appendix C - Creating On-Demand Enterprise Billing download, for example, from killing performance for the remaining users at a remote office. This topic Index is discussed List of Figures more thoroughly in Chapters 6 and 17.

Also learn to centralize application management, reduce software on the desktop, and more. > Table of Contents Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite for Windows Server 2003—The Official Guide Foreword Introduction Part I - Overview of Enterprise Server-Based Computing Introducing Server-Based Computing and the On-Demand Enterprise Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Windows Terminal Services Chapter 3 -2-2: Citrix Access Suite Figure AnMetaFrame RDP session Part II - Designing an Enterprise SBC Solution Preparing Your Organization forthe an MultiWin On-Demand Enterprise Upon successfully establishing a session, subsystem gained control over session Implementation management.

Introduction When installing a Terminal Services solution Part I - Overview ofMicrosoft EnterpriseWindows Server-Based Computing into an enterprise, the methodology for administering and maintaining the system hasand more common with a host-based or mainframe Introducing Server-Based Computing theinOn-Demand Chapter 1 -model than with a distributed PC model. In the traditional, centralized host architecture, computing Enterprise dumb terminals provide a simple, character-based interface between the user and the host.

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