Cisco - Update on Server Load Balancing

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Project In the context of this book, projects are one of three types: General development projects— The term project in its loosest sense refers to your team's current development effort. NET uses project files as containers for configuration settings that relate to the generation of individual assemblies. Visual SourceSafe (VSS) projects— A project in a VSS database is a collection of files that are usually related logically. A VSS project is similar to an operating system folder, with added version control support.

Although the threat of not shipping seems like it would be enough to keep the wheels rolling, it doesn't always work. " That's why there should be aggressive proactive management of the VBLs through the Central Build Team to make sure the VBLs follow a stricter process. That way, they do not delay other components of the project because their build system is not up to par with the mainline. 1 is a summary of the differences between private and public builds. 1. Private Versus Public Builds Private (VBL Build) Public (Mainline Build) Performed and managed by a VBL Performed and managed by Central Build Team Testing is minimal before releasing build Minimum suite of tests must be run and passed before releasing Can be done at any time Usually done at a set time every day Released informally Released at proper release servers; ready for general consumption Has its own rules and policies for check-in but Strict, enforced procedure that must be followed should be dictated by the CBT for check-in Must go through WAR meeting to check in 60 .

Com to register it. Thanks. The Central Build Team should never be at the mercy of mandatory build environment settings for building a specific component. If such a setting is necessary to build a component, it should be proposed to the Central Build Team for inclusion. Then the CBT can determine the impact of the addition or change to the entire project and approve or disapprove the proposal. com to register it. Thanks . < Day Day Up > Building from the Inside Out One of my favorite questions to ask a customer's development or build manager when I go onsite is how often they release a new build process.

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