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Designed particularly with revision in brain, the CIM Revision playing cards supply concise, but primary info to aid scholars in passing the CIM checks as simply as attainable. a transparent, conscientiously based format aids the educational technique and guarantees the main issues are coated in a succinct and available demeanour. The compact, spiral sure structure allows the playing cards to be carried round simply, the content material consequently continuously being available, making them beneficial assets regardless of the place you're.

Features akin to diagrams and bulleted lists are used all through to make sure the main issues are displayed as basically and concisely as attainable. each one part starts with a listing of studying results and ends with tricks and counsel, thereby making sure the content material is damaged down into viable innovations and will be simply addressed and memorised.

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10 Push, Pull and Profiling Strategies Push Strategy – this is where the manufacturer takes the decision to concentrate their communication efforts on members of the distribution channel. The basis of this strategy is to promote directly to the suppliers, therefore pushing the products down the line to reach the customers throughout various channel members Profile Strategy – Profiling is the task of building up a fuller picture of the target segments and is achieved by taking a group of what is commonly known as descriptors, based around traditional segmentation criteria.

This must include analysis of market forces, key drivers, factors influencing change and an in-depth understanding of customers MARKETING PLANNING 51 PRODUCT OPERATIONS The Product Life Cycle 52 Managing the Product Life Cycle Marketing strategy for decline Marketing strategy for growth n Consider the introduction of more innovative and up-to-date versions for the same product n Introducing new and innovative products n Undertaking high levels of advertising and sales promotions activity – offering incentives to switch brands n Targeting customers should be tightly defined n Marketing mix should be well coordinated and effective n Replacement strategies should be defined n Carefully manage the decline of the product n Consider which approach is more appropriate – repositioning or obsolescence n Consider the three approaches to obsolescence – phase it out, run it out, drop it Marketing strategy for maturity n Modification of the product/services – quality, functional and style modifications n Strategies for differentiation n Aim for market development and market penetration to maximize profit potential MARKETING PLANNING 53 PRODUCT OPERATIONS Product Portfolio Planning Tools 54 The General Electrical Matrix (GE Matrix) MARKETING PLANNING 55 PRODUCT OPERATIONS The Shell Directional Policy Matrix 56 New Product Development MARKETING PLANNING 57 PRODUCT OPERATIONS Different Types of New Product Development New World/Innovation The focus of this model is upon technical development, incurring high/risk return.

E. identifying performance indicators and measures and analyzing findings 4. e. revised forecasts or sales targets, increasing advertising, etc. 34 Hints and Tips n Ensure you are clear on the differences between corporate, business and marketing objectives and strategies n You may be required to develop an outline marketing plan stating marketing objectives, outline strategy statements and a detailed tactical marketing mix n Remember marketing objectives must be SMART – this is essential n You are expected to understand the importance of segmentation and the different segmentation options available to you, including linking them to targeting and positioning n Part A of the exam paper, which is the mini-case study, tested different aspects of the marketing planning process n The senior examiner for the subject has suggested that this will be an ongoing theme throughout all exam papers, therefore ensure you are comfortable with it n When undertaking a tactical marketing plan, ensure you include the 7 Ps of the marketing mix, not just the 4 Ps n Do not just describe budgeting, but be prepared to select an appropriate budgetary process for a given scenario.

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