Christianity, the Deadliest Poison and Zen, the Antidote to by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Swami Krishna Prabhu

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By Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, Swami Krishna Prabhu

With ruthless precision and an irreverent knowledge that's frequently surprising, Osho dismembers Christianity within the presence of twenty-one Jesuit monks traveling the lodge on the time this sequence of talks was once given. this can be Osho at his so much candid as he bargains with the entire unstated questions somebody from a Christian heritage may possibly ever are looking to ask, and speaks at the profound fact on hand in Zen.

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The Christian missionary was carrying a bucket and a long rope. He immediately threw the rope and the bucket into the well, and pulled the man out. " The Christian missionary said, "In fact, I should be grateful to you, because unless you fall in the well I cannot earn virtue. I am against the Confucian idea that every well should have a wall. Then nobody will be falling in! -- and for whom am I carrying the bucket and the rope? " Bertrand Russell has made a very important statement: "If there is no poverty, there will be no religion.

What will you gain by criticizing me? You will simply lose me. I am not preventing you, I am simply making things clear to you. Are you here to learn criticism, argument, logic? Or are you here to learn the art of going beyond the mind? It is your freedom. You can choose the mind, or you can choose meditation. This place is for meditation. If you choose the mind, this is not your place. Perhaps in some future life ... maybe you will become more mature and understand the futility of all criticism, all agreement, all disagreement.

The statement, the philosophy, is logical, but absolutely against life. Is logic more important than life? And as far as I am concerned, every act brings its punishment just as a shadow. You don't have to suffer in your future life. Right now you murder; why should nature wait that long for punishment? You put your hand in the fire .... I have told this to Acharya Tulsi -- and he has been angry with me since then, speaking every kind of lie against me. The reason is personal, because I told him, before fifty thousand people, "Your whole philosophy is absolutely ugly and obscene.

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