Chariot of Fire. Elijah of the Last Days. by Martha Kilpatrick

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By Martha Kilpatrick

The tale of Elijah is the tale of Jezebel and the saga of Ahab. Elijah's lengthy fought struggle, and his staggering rapture...both hinged on his victory over evil, a triumph that needed to be own ahead of it may be nationwide. This writing overflows with piercing secrets and techniques of the vicious conflict, happening to at the present time and culminates with the blazing chariot of heaven, a sign of God's final triumph: the longer term Rapture of the Church.

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Heaven is full of joyful sounds. The shout of victory, the trumpet of judgment, the song of jubilation. And over all, the Great Creative Voice of God like the roar of rushing floods. Who can hear heaven? Who can bring the sounds of that far-off realm into this loud world, void of holy resonance, empty of lovely silence? It takes an Elijahanointing of detachment from racket and he... the honed skill of listening, deliberately deaf to the vacant flap of God's enemy... to hear heaven's ring. Sound comes before appearance.

Masculinity came first in creation. Masculinity leads. Femininity is not negated, God has His gentle character. But without maleness and femaleness both, there is no life. Jezebel, as Satan's disguise, wants the end of male firmness so as to bring in a maelstrom; the utter confusion in which the Enemy can take over. So in Sidon the males were gone. The woman-without-man is destitute. Fruitless and starving. So also is the manwithout-his-manhood. The widow gripped her last bit of food, a little flour, a cruse of oil.

And the throne of Jezebel began to totter. The judgment of God had fallen by Elijah's flaming prayer. Israel was free from the veil of evil seduction— free to recognize God's Face again. And that was his goal! '” 1 Kings 18:41 Elijah could hear heaven's plans for earth. He could hear the rush of rain in the middle of drought. O, to hear as Elijah! To hear the sounds of reality, of God's graceful showers, ready to pour out! To see the rain in heaven before it hits the clouds! Elijah was a man of keen hearing, tuned in precision to the frequency of Another Realm.

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