Catalytic Asymmetric Friedel–Crafts Alkylations by Marco Bandini, Achille Umani-Ronchi

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By Marco Bandini, Achille Umani-Ronchi

This primary finished assessment of this crucial man made response covers the complete spectrum of this contemporary and quickly constructing box. essentially established, the publication offers all of the identified man made techniques for the development of fragrant compounds bearing benzylic stereocenters with an outlined configuration. With its consultant man made tactics, organocatalysis and business functions it combines a theoretical foundation with useful examples, leading to beneficial suggestion for newcomers and specialists alike.The final resource for each man made chemist in academia and undefined.

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Of practical importance, the catalyst system maintained the same catalytic activity even when the reaction was carried out in air. In subsequent investigations, a dramatic solvent effect was once again found in both reactivity and enantioselectivity [14]. Thus, while the enantioselectivity was improved in alcoholic solvents such as iBuOH, weak coordinating solvents such as CCl4, toluene, CH2Cl2 or TTCE gave the product with the opposite configuration. 1,1,2,2-Tetrachloroethane (TTCE) proved to be the best solvent for the production of the opposite enantiomer (ee up to 89%).

9), driven by the stacking interaction of the two phenyl groups of the ligand and nitroacrylate, leading to shielding of the Re-face. 15) [30]. 9 Proposed transition state of the reaction. ). 01 mol mLÀ1. ) was added to the mixture. ) was added. After the reaction was complete (monitored by TLC), the reaction mixture was concentrated under reduced pressure at room temperature, and the residue was purified by flash column chromatography on silica gel [eluted with CH2Cl2/petroleum ether (1/1, v/v) then pure CH2Cl2] to afford the desired product.

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