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3. If they are having a difficult time answering the questions, ask them to talk with a friend to help them determine their preferences. 4. Have them complete Item 3 in their books. 5. Have them complete Items 4 through 8 in their books. Circulate among them and offer assistance when appropriate. 6. Help each trainee develop a four-letter type. 7. Ask trainees to share their types with the group and have a discussion of the meaning of the experience to them. 8. Have them try to identify a family member or friend they know is different from themselves and then ask them to guess that person’s preference.

One person has a tennis ball. The person with the tennis ball tells his name and then tosses it to another person. The person has to repeat the name of who tossed them the ball and then state her name and toss it to someone else. Repeat until everyone in the group has stated their name and also stated another person’s name. 3. At the end, ask a volunteer to please repeat everyone else’s name (give them a reward, such as M&M’s or a smiley face). Ask for other volunteers. 4. Discuss the following: a.

9. 2. Have the trainees discuss in the group meeting the answers they gave to the three questions. 3. Help the trainees gain a feel for what the training can do for them personally as well as in helping others. 4. 9 sheets. Application for Trainees After the Group Meeting 1. 1 before the next group meeting. 1. 2. Ask trainees to make notes about their reactions to Module I. Ask for volunteers to share some of their notes. indd 20 10/3/08 10:18:53 AM MODULE II UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF AND OTHERS INTRODUCTION In this module, you will model behaviors utilized in the initial stages of relating to others.

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