Cant You Talk Louder, God? by Steve Shultz

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By Steve Shultz

Cant You speak Louder God? is ready how any believer, from any denomination, (even but unsaved humans) can discover ways to pay attention God converse. they could additionally study that God is already conversing, even wooing them consistently. This booklet teaches via many own sto

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I have been the youth leader at my own church for several years. ”She didn’t explain why, but watching the tears flow down her face, I could see that it had caused her great pain. She went on to explain how she was a volleyball coach, or something to that effect. She was, in fact, everything she did not appear to be on the outside—an outgoing, athletic, leader of youth. Before leaving, I encouraged her by telling her that the Lord would not have revealed this word to me unless He had a desire to encourage her and bring her back into the type of ministry she loved, but perhaps with another church.

And I wondered if the word when might be a better translation. So, I called my Hebrew-speaking, good friend,Yehuda, and asked him how a rabbi would translate this 49 CAN’T YOU TALK LOUDER, GOD? Scripture. ” Let me be clear. God is saying, in context, in the New Testament, that when you hear God’s voice today, don’t harden your heart. Most people, the vast majority I think, believe that God doesn’t talk to them, if He talks to anyone at all. But the reality is, He not only talks to some, He talks to everyone and He does it every single day!

As she dished food out to each person, she would have to hold each plate with two hands because the pain caused by supporting a plate of food with only one hand was unbearable. She was not even 30 years old, yet her pain didn’t match her age. ” The leader, Loren, was finding himself in new places with the Lord as well. Campus Crusade for Christ wasn’t exactly encouraging their people to teach about praying for healing of bodies.

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