Campaign 100: D-Day 1944 (1) Omaha Beach by Howard Gerrard, Ramiro Bujeiro, Steven J. Zaloga

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By Howard Gerrard, Ramiro Bujeiro, Steven J. Zaloga

The 1st name in Osprey's survey of the D-Day landings of global battle II (1939-1945). The D-Day landings of 6 June 1944 have been the most important amphibious army operation ever fastened. the best armada the realm had ever noticeable was once assembled to move the Allied invasion strength around the Channel and open the long-awaited moment entrance opposed to Hitler’s 3rd Reich. Of the landings at the 5 attack seashores, Omaha seashore was once the one one ever doubtful. inside of moments of the 1st wave touchdown a 3rd of the attack troops have been casualties. but through the tip of D-Day the Atlantic Wall were breached and the U.S. Army’s V Corps used to be firmly entrenched on French soil.

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Team 1 inadvertently missed the killing zone on Dog Green, landing on Dog White instead. They blew a 50-yard gap in textbook fashion in only 20 minutes. The neighboring Teams 2 to 5 had little or no success. Team 2 arrived too late, while Team 3 suffered a direct artillery hit on its LCT and only one of the 40-man team survived. Team 4 suffered heavy casualties in front of the D-3 Les Moulins draw. Team 5 managed to plant its charges, but by the time it was ready to detonate them, so many infantry had huddled around the obstacles for shelter that only a few could be blown.

Company H and the 2/116th Infantry headquarters company landed on either side of the D-3 Les Moulins draw. Casualties amongst the officers of 2/116th Infantry was particularly heavy with two of the company commanders dead and another wounded. While the second wave landed, the tanks tried to reduce the German strongpoints. Three M4 tanks from the 743rd Tank Battalion began to crawl up the bluff near WN70, while three more began an assault on WN68 on the western side of the D-3 Les Moulins draw, penetrating the first layer of the defense.

Gap Assault Teams are able to clear a single lane through the beach obstacles. 10 7 9 5a 7. Elements from F/116th Infantry land on Easy Green instead of Dog Red beach, in front of the heavily fortified D-3 Les Moulins draw and take heavy casualties. com Task Force O began to approach Omaha Beach and the battleships and destroyers began the preliminary naval bombardment at 0545hrs, lasting until 0625. Many inland German positions reported these as air attacks. The initial targets were behind the beach and at dawn the warships shifted their sights to specific targets along the beach.

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