Breviloquium (Works of St. Bonaventure, Vol. 9) by St. Bonaventure, Dominic Monti, Robert J. Karris

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By St. Bonaventure, Dominic Monti, Robert J. Karris

One of many works of Bonaventure that demonstrates his ability in "the divine paintings of synthesis" and is taken into account "the capstone of his educational career." this is often Bonaventure's entire presentation of Christian doctrine in a sort compatible for educational reasons. it may be utilized by a person with an curiosity within the writings of the Seraphic health practitioner.

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It therefore follows that theology must also deal with the corruption of sin, with the physician, with [spiritual] health and its medicine, and finally with that perfect recovery which will be in [the repose of] glory, when the wicked have been cast into their punishment. Thus theology is the only perfect science, for it begins at the very beginning, which is the First Principle, and continues to the very end, which is the everlasting reward; it proceeds from the summit, which is God Most High, the Creator of all things, and reaches even to the abyss, which is the torment of hell.

Seventh, the perfection of merits in his deeds. Eighth, the passion of Christ with respect to the condition of the one who suffered. Ninth, the passion of Christ with respect to the nature of his sufferings. Tenth, the passion of Christ with respect to the effects of his sufferings. The fifth part, on the grace of the Holy Spirit, has ten chapters: First, grace as a gift of God. Second, grace as the condition of meritorious deeds. Third, grace considered as a remedy for sin. Fourth, how grace branches out into the habits of the virtues.

There will be in this work seven parts, containing in all seventy-two chapters. Here ends the Prologue THE CHAPTERS OF THE BREVILOQUIUM The first part, on the Trinity of God, has nine chapters. These are: First, a summary of the seven topics of theology. Second, what we must hold concerning the Trinity of persons and the unity of essence. Third, the right understanding of this belief. Fourth, the Catholic expression of this belief. Fifth, the unity of the divine nature in relation to a diversity of manifestations.

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