Black Cross Red Star: The Air War over the Eastern Front : by Christer Bergstrom, Andrey Mikhailov

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By Christer Bergstrom, Andrey Mikhailov

"With quantity II, the air warfare through the Soviet iciness offensive of 1941-1942 - Germany's first significant defeat in international battle II - is defined in detail."

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The squad leader (a corporal prewar, a sergeant 1941-43, and a staff sergeant 1944-45) was always with his squad and was responsible for their employment, training, and sustenance. In combat, he ensured they fought. The assistant squad leader (private first class prewar, corporal 1941-43, sergeant 1944-45) assisted the squad leader in car~ing out the squad's mission . In combat, he normally led a portion of the squad and acted as squad leader if the squad leader became a casualty. He might also ensure squad members remained resupplied with ammunition.

The squad leader (corporal, and later sergeant) selected the exact firing position, obsen·ed and aqjusted fire, enforced fire discipline, and ensured his ammunition hearers kept his crew resupplied with ammunition. 81 mm Mortar platoon The duties of the mortar plawon command group were identical to those of the hea\"y machine gun platoons. Much like the duties of the section leader in the machine gun platoon the mortar section leader (sergeant and later staff sergeant) was responsible for his squad's emplo)ment.

Including combat on K\, that more than half of the regiment'\ in the area were in <:omhat. This mud1 highl·r on·rlwad was due primarily to the need to garrison outposts and the Hawaiian Islands as wdl

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