Biological Systems Engineering by Mark R. Marten, Tai Hyun Park, and Teruyuki Nagamune (Eds.)

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By Mark R. Marten, Tai Hyun Park, and Teruyuki Nagamune (Eds.)

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Therefore, a mutant E. coli strain NZN111, in which pyruvate-formate lyase and lactate dehydrogenase are partially blocked, was used. By double inactivation of pyruvate-formate lyase and lactate dehydrogenase genes, anaerobic pyruvate dissipation pathways are mostly blocked and the accumulated pyruvate is directed to C -branch by the malic enzyme (14, 15). Moreover, this strategy is superior in the energetic point of view. If two pathways of converting PEP to malic acid are compared, this latter pathway mediated by pyruvate kinase and malic enzyme is superior because ATP is produced when PEP is converted to pyruvate by pyruvate kinase, while the free energy of PEP is dissipated through the conversion of PEP to oxaloacetate (Figure 2).

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