Bioinspired Catalysis: Metal-Sulfur Complexes by Wolfgang Weigand, Philippe Schollhammer

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By Wolfgang Weigand, Philippe Schollhammer

This e-book presents an outline of bioinspired metal-sulfur catalysis by way of overlaying buildings, actions and version complexes of enzymes showing steel sulphur moieties of their energetic middle.

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Prebiotic reactions would have been possible between simple compounds such as CO, CN− , NH3 , CH3 SH, and HCHO within bubbles confined by the mineral membranes [5]. With time, reactions taking place within these structures could have become more complex [6]. Eventually, peptide bonds would have been synthesized, as it was experimentally observed using CO and a FeS/NiS mixture [7]. The early involvement of such a mixture of metal sulfides in protobiological reactions is supported, at least partially, by the conspicuous presence of metal sulfur clusters in metalloenzymes that catalyze reactions with gases, which may be considered primordial.

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