Bible Translation and Language : Essays into the History of by Carmel Sant

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By Carmel Sant

A set of essays and historic records making up a different background of the interpretation of the Bible into the Maltese language.

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3 10, 175 " Able to write and read in at least one language, Maltese included. 1871 1881 1891 1901 1911 4. 141,755 149,782 165,037 184,742 211,564 15,713 24,287 31,,261 42 776 69,451 This disposition has been repealed. Cfr AAS 58(1966) 1186. 001 11. 1 14. 2 4. 8 Carm Sant 66 During this period Catholic activity in this field was very limited: Richard Taylor published his Psalms and extracts from the Gospels and other Biblical portions (1845-1848) and Ġ. M. Gooch, Secretary General of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) and Rev G.

One cannot help feeling that if a freer distribution of the Word already in hand were made and if it were read by the people, the demand for the Scriptures would ,,be evident, and with the demand, those able and willing to translate. 39 This was the turning point in the planning of this translation. L. Bevir, who was resident in France; he asked him to come over to Malta to I;'repare a M altese translation of the whole of the New Testament. Bevlf, an old roan of 65 years, told him that he could not take charge of this work, before finishing with the printing of the Italian translation.

Re added that 17. This society was established in Rome for the distribution of the Gospels in Italian. 18. BFBS:Arch. Cor. 1912-Letter 25/3/1912: D, 18. 21. K Sant, It-Traduzzjoni tal-Bibbja u l-Ilsien Malti: 1810-1850, (Royal University of Malta; Malta 1975) 9. 12-13. 19. BFBS: Arch. Cor. 1912 -Letter 26/3/1912. 22. Vassalli died on the 12th of Januaty 1829. �FBS: Arch. Cor. 1912-Letter 2/4/1912. 23. C. Sant, "Protestant Maltese Bible Translation, 1870-1872", 11(1977) 118-144. In this volume pp51-62.

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