Bf 110 vs Lancaster: 1942-45 by Robert Forczyk

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By Robert Forczyk

Not able to behavior floor operations at the eu continent till Allied power was once marshalled for a full-scale invasion, the British executive dependent its grand approach in international warfare II on a prolonged crusade of aerial bombardment of Nazi Germany's towns which will deliver the 3rd Reich to its knees. on the middle of this procedure have been the rising applied sciences of the heavy bomber, mixed with night-navigation and precision-bombing recommendations. The RAF brought the large four-engined Avro Lancaster in 1942 and used it to spearhead this aerial offensive. In reaction, the Luftwaffe created an elite nightfighter strength dependent basically upon the Bf a hundred and ten to counter the RAF bombers. even if the Bf a hundred and ten had failed miserably as an afternoon fighter over England in 1940, it came upon its area of interest as a nightfighter. The Luftwaffe was once quickly to equip it with airborne radar that allowed it to intercept and spoil Lancasters over Germany. In flip, the RAF followed countermeasures resembling the Monica rearward-looking radar to alert Lancaster crews to the strategy of nightfighters. The Lancaster heavy bomber used to be built with rear and dorsal turrets that gave it a few likelihood to force off nightfighters using the normal tactic of attacking from above and behind.In may perhaps 1943, even though, the Luftwaffe without notice built a singular technical and tactical method of attacking RAF bombers - the Schräge Musik weapon procedure, which fixed upward-firing 20mm cannons in a Bf a hundred and ten nightfighter. the hot tactic proved amazingly winning, and British bombers will be attacked from under with out caution. quickly, the Luftwaffe determined to equip a 3rd of its nightfighters with Schräge Musik and started to inflict grievous losses upon Lancaster bomber devices within the interval from August 1943 to March 1944. For its half, the RAF didn't notice the hot German tactic for 6 an important months, within which time its Lancaster bombers have been virtually defenceless by contrast new possibility. In time, even if, the German good thing about shock was once misplaced and the RAF constructed countermeasures to accommodate the recent danger. The duel among upgraded Bf 110s and Lancasters within the evening skies over Germany turned more and more ruled by way of state-of-the-art expertise, which might ascertain the efficacy of strategic bombing.

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303in. bullets, and the only vulnerability was hits on either engine. If forced to abandon their aircraft, Bf 110 crews had about a 50 per cent probability of survival. Indeed, many aircrew lost at least one aircraft during their frontline careers. OPPOSITE The Rose turret was introduced on a small number of Lancaster bombers in May 1944. 50in. heavy machine guns, but it offered the occupant better visibility due to the removal of the centre Plexiglas panel and an ability to engage targets below the aircraft.

Com On 14 February 1942, the Air Ministry issued General Directive No. 5, known as the Area Bombing Directive, which directed Bomber Command to concentrate its operations against Germany’s major cities in order to degrade civilian morale within the Third Reich. In practical terms, this now meant that the achievements of Bomber Command’s growing fleet of four-engined heavy bombers would be measured primarily by the gross bomb tonnage delivered to Germany, as if it were some great assembly line, rather than by inflicting crippling damage on specific targets that were vital to the Third Reich’s war machine.

In turn, RAF Lancaster ABCs jammed communications between the Y-Stations, the JLO and the Bf 110s. A British VHF-jamming operation known as Corona also disrupted Luftwaffe nightfighter communications. The Bf 110G-4 also had the capability to hunt independently using its Naxos radar detector to home in on the Lancaster’s H2S ground-mapping radar. Window Confuses radar returns Lancaster ABC Jams communications from Y-stations Bf 110G-4 FuG 220/SN-2 Radar Range: 8km FuG 350 Naxos detects H2S up to 100km Corona VHF jamming from the UK Intercept orders Freya radar Range: 120km Würzburg-Riese radar Range: 80km Running commentary Division Battle Post Jagdführer in overall command JLOs direct fighters via radio Broadcasts running commentary (reportage) Linked to Y-stations Linked to Ground EW radars by telephone Y-stations Track fighters by radio transponders and relay location to Division by telephone Coverage: 250-300km area night navigation, was an essential prerequisite for the bomber stream.

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