Beginning MapServer: Open Source GIS Development (Expert's by Bill Kropla

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By Bill Kropla

This can be a superb hardcopy connection with MapServer, As others have famous, it really is 5 years old-fashioned, which might be complicated. for example, a map rfile now calls for an specific MAP block containing the complete information and safeguard fixes have damaged many of the reference paths. developing the server isn't coated extensive, and translating the examples to the MS4W international back could be complicated for the neophyte.

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When MapServer is invoked, it reads the mapfile and renders the map. It then reads the template file and inserts its own information into places in the template specified by substitution strings delimited by square brackets. MapServer then sends the HTML to the browser. A web object is introduced by the keyword WEB and closed by the keyword END. The TEMPLATE keyword specifies the name of the HTML template, using either the relative path from the mapfile or an absolute path. The IMAGEPATH keyword tells MapServer where to put the map images it creates.

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00 The keyword SIZE in Line 03 specifies the dimensions (in pixels) of the final map image. IMAGECOLOR defines the background color for the map image, and the keyword IMAGETYPE specifies the format of the map image. In this case, it’s a PNG image. The geographic extent (the rectangular area covered by the map) is defined by the keyword EXTENT. The rectangular area is specified by the coordinates of the opposite corners (the lower left and the upper right). fm Page 18 Tuesday, July 19, 2005 12:14 PM 18 CHAPTER 2 ■ SIMPLE MAPSERVER EXAMPLES ■Note While these paths are appropriate for the development environment used throughout this book, your paths may differ.

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