Association for Jewish studies 2009- 33(1) by Elisheva Carlebach

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By Elisheva Carlebach

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New Jewish Identities: Contemporary Europe and Beyond

This number of essays offers with the advanced difficulties attached to the query of Jewish identification within the modern global. according to a convention held in Budapest, Hungary in July 2001, it analyses and compares how Jews conceive in their Jewishness. Do they see it in usually non secular, cultural or ethnic phrases?

All About Hanukkah

A highly-praised retelling of the Hanukkah tale with brilliant, colourful photos and dialogue tops and inquiries to improve all of the eight nights of occasion. With candle benefits, ideas for enjoying dreidel, recipes for ltakes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), phrases and song to favourite Hanukkah songs -- plus recommendations on being unfastened, being assorted, miracles, legends, heroes, presents, gelt, and giving.

Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People: A Study in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Biblical Commentary

This can be a cautious exam of the doctrine of Jewish chosenness within the mild of Gersonides's inspiration on providential pain and on inherited windfall. Gersonides is likely one of the finest and significant philosophers of the later Jewish center a long time. Gersonides used to be one of many highbrow giants of the medieval Jewish global, a philosopher of outstanding variety and ingenuity.

Speaking of Jews: Rabbis, Intellectuals, and the Creation of an American Public Identity

Lila Corwin Berman asks why, over the process the 20th century, American Jews grew to become more and more interested, even obsessed, with explaining themselves to their non-Jewish associates. What she discovers is that language itself turned a very important software for Jewish team survival and integration into American lifestyles.

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In one of his published letters to his friend Shmuel Weinberg, R. Nathan discusses R. ”136 Some critics had mocked a passage on da‘at in Sefer ha-midot (Sefer ha-alef beit, part 2), and R. ”137 R. Nathan penned vivid accounts of R. Nahman’s and of his own journey to ’erez. yisra’el. But R. Nathan never described nature for its own sake, an undertaking that he might have seen as a step in the direction of idol worship. R. Nahman’s travels were worth telling, in R. Nathan’s worldview, because of their deeper significance.

Ms Vatican 113 (and similar in Antonin). Mss Vatican 111, Vatican 127 Munich 95: ‫בתוונא‬. 48 Talmudic Text and Iranian Context Ifra Hormiz, the mother of King Shapur, sent [a sample of] blood before Rava. Rav Ovadiah was sitting in his presence. [Rava] smelled it.

143 In connection with R. Nathan’s and Lefin’s Hebrew narratives, I conclude that there was an indirect dialogue and debate between hasidic and maskilic authors such as R. Nathan and Lefin; their narratives of sea travel represent an important genre in the history of Hebrew literature, both stylistically and in their contents. The contributions of R. Nathan and Lefin to the history of modern 139. ‘Onia so‘ara (Vilna: Menahem Mann, 1823). 140. More nevukhim, pt. 1, trans. Mendel Lefin (Zholkva: Saul Meyerhoffer, 1829); the same publisher printed R.

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