Ask Questions, Get Sales: Close the Deal and Create by Stephan Schiffman

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By Stephan Schiffman

In Ask Questions, Get revenues, the writer and revenues guru Stephan Schiffman is helping readers enhance their careers to the gold-medal point via instructing them easy methods to increase their wondering talents throughout the revenues approach. the idea is straightforward but potent: to be able to prevail, salespeople have to switch their frame of mind from "need-orientated" to "do-orientated". The message of the e-book facilities round six middle "do" questions: What do you do? How do you do it? while and the place do you do it? Why do you do it that method? Who do you do it with? How will we assist you do it higher? With this essential advisor of their briefcase, salespeople can have details on the able to ranking tremendous revenues over the quick time period and the long run.

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Does learning that this program rejects the entire concept of “need” leave you feeling abandoned somehow? If you feel uncertain about the prospect of conducting your sales work without focusing on the prospect’s “needs,” believe me, you’re not alone in that regard. Most of the salespeople I train feel exactly the same way at first. Now, don’t get me wrong. “Filling the need” certainly sounds like a commendable, selfless type of objective. Somehow, in the execution, though, that doesn’t always come off as entirely altruistic.

Chapter 5 The Sales Cycle. . . . . . . Chapter 6 The Interviewing Phase: Techniques That Work. . . . . Chapter 7 The Past—By Means of the Future. . . . . . . . Chapter 8 The Present. . . . . . . . Chapter 9 The Future . . . . . . . . Chapter 10 Verification and Proposal Development. . . . . Chapter 11 Questions to Ask Yourself . . . . : A Self-Test. . . . . . Appendix B A Sample Preliminary Proposal . . . Appendix C A Sample Proposal. . .

A Self-Test. . . . . . Appendix B A Sample Preliminary Proposal . . . Appendix C A Sample Proposal. . . . . . Appendix D Ten Things Every Salesperson Should Know. . . . . . . . About the Author. . . . . . . Index. . . . . . . . . . C h a p t e r O n e Getting Started The odds are good that you bought this book with the intention of improving your questioning skills during the sales process. And that’s exactly what we’ll be covering here. I’ll bet you’re also wondering: Who is this guy, and why should I listen to what he has to say about dealing with my prospects?

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