Asiatic Land Battles Expansion of Japan in Asia (The by Trevor Dupuy

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By Trevor Dupuy

Describes the Asiatic land battles with illustrations, black and white photos observed by means of concise, informative textual content

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20 Shikari But not the finally cast off - the last British last British vessel. warship to leave Dunkirk. Occasional motorboats were still slipping out, two block ships reached the designated spot. With helms hard over, they attempted to line up at right angles to the Channel, but once again the tide and current were too strong. As on the previous night, the attempt was largely a failure. Hovering nearby, MA/ SB 10 picked up the crews. Dawn was now breaking, and Lieutenant Cameron decided to take 107 in for one last look at the harbour.

Near Narvik we saw two ships. One was a German whaling factory and the other a British ship. Behind them were some German destroyers, bigger than we were. There were plenty of other ships, but we did not have time to count them. We opened up with our torpedoes at the enemy destroyers, the destroyers all releasto sailed meet. All ing 'tin fish' one Two German a flash, It and it after the other. destroyers were hit the was just as if first time. some huge hand had When our torpedo torn the German hit we saw ship in half.

I'll never forget that cheer that went up; on the port bow of one of the ships a yellow flash and a great column of smoke and water shot up from her. We knew we had hit, personally I could not see how we could have missed so close as we were. The enemy never altered course to starboard firing our torpedoes The Longest Battle 20 fired a shot at us, our torpedoes I feel they we went back must have been very surprised. After we had into our own smoke-screen, fired altered course again to starboard.

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