Apostasy!: The Word-Faith Doctrinal Deception by Jeff Kluttz

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By Jeff Kluttz

Apostasy is creeping into the church from televisions, books and star-personality excursions of wealthy and blasphemous self-proclaimed prophets of God.; a lot of whom are the main recognized pastors and academics within the U.S. those counterfeit shepherds train that religion is a fabric substance extra robust than God, available to all males, and in a position to growing something man’s middle can hope by means of the mere utterance of faith-filled-words. This doctrine has leached into all parts of the theological structures of what are often called “Word of religion” church buildings. almost each significant quarter of systematic theology during this flow has been taken captive via the repercussions of this primordial blunders. during this heresy, God is restricted. guy is limitless. devil fills an important function in atonement for sin. healthiness, wealth, energy and all technique of temptation are heralded as virtues of the religion whereas thousands empty their financial institution money owed for the promise of such ambition. Preying at the bad and determined, this circulation is systematically pleasurable biblical prophesies pertaining to a latter-day apostasy inside of Christendom.

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God apparently promoted himself to his position by his ability to grab ahold of and harness this much greater substance than himself. Such is a smack in the face of the almighty. The biblical God has no equal, let alone a superior. He has no predecessor from which to draw his essence or his power. He is the alpha and omega; the beginning and the end. HE ALONE is the substance by which the universe was formed. He alone existed when nothing existed. Such is the entirety of scriptural testimony on the subject.

He declares, On April 1st 2001, I said "America prepare yourself, you will go to war". Subsequently, the Spirit began to share some of the details about the possible length of the ba le and the outcome. I spoke about certain a acks planned against the soldiers and the fact that God would protect them so that not one of them would be inflicted. I believe with all of my heart that America is in the perfect will of God. A tyrant lives, and yet there are people in this na on shou ng the odds about the instrument that God has chosen as his ba le-axe -[18] the President of the United States of America.

It is furthermore clear that any prophet who thinks America is in “the perfect will of God” is nothing less than delusional. ) These short examples easily relate the fallacy of the WoF revelation knowledge claims. All such assertions make the presumption that God has spoken, through a modern day prophet, truths that could not otherwise been known. Numerous revelation claims of the movement directly rebut scripture. In either case, such contentions are simply erroneous, fictional and wrong. They do not even come adjacent to reality.

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