An Introduction to Data Base Systems by C.J. Date

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By C.J. Date

Provides an authoritative source for readers attracted to gaining perception into and knowing of the foundations of database platforms. offers reliable grounding within the foundations of database know-how and gives a few rules as to how the sphere is probably going to increase sooner or later. New seventh variation. DLC: Database administration.

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This means that its chief fashion of expressing computations is via the definition and application of functions. [ 27 ] Dissecting F# Origins and Design F# functions are first-class entities The ability to define and apply functions is a common feature of many programming languages. However, F# follows ML and other functional programming languages in treating functions similarly to, say, numeric values. The ways of treating functions in F# go well beyond the limits usually associated with stored-program computer concept: Functions can be used as arguments to other functions; the latter are higher-order functions in this case Functions can be returned from other functions Functions can be computed from other functions, for example, with the help of function composition operators Functions can be elements of structures usually associated with data Functions are free of side effects Computations with functions have the main form of evaluating expressions as opposed to making assignments to variables.

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