American Eagles: P-47 Thunderbolt Units of the Eighth Air by Roger Freeman

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By Roger Freeman

;American Eagles, quantity three: P-47 Thunderbolt devices of the 8th Air strength (USAAF shades) КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Название: American Eagles, quantity three: P-47 Thunderbolt devices of the 8th Air strength (USAAF Colours)Автор: Roger FreemanИздательство: vintage PublicationsISBN: 1903223180Год: 2002Страниц: 96Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: 13.16МБЯзык: английскийReference advisor to the P-47's provider with the 'Mighty 8th' from the summer season of 1942 to past D-Day. additionally features a camouflage and markings assessment and biographies of Thunderbolt aces. 31 color profiles. five color and 195 b/w photos.Скачать: Depositfiles UploadingHotfile zero

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I,"Uimn! ,lQC' X'rW TllcUTI)Q/)dIo ...... ano,l 'nur'>lnfi,. on_hocu...... "'101lJoflhC'('\.. ~ -'--. ydon, June 1944 Received by the 353rd FG In June 1944. rty known as 'CtM»o Choo' because of his penchant fOf ahootJnc-up enemy trains. This was the lnt of Chetwood'. "'Ie P-47s. The alfcnIfT: remained wtth the 350th FS untJllU converskln to MUllanp In ~Gbe,. It was aatvaced In November 1944. ()ay, 6 June. W. dazzle Olive Drab paint fairing extended along the top of the fuselage from the rear of the caoopy to 8 polnt at the base of the fin leading edgO.

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