Alain Badiou: Live Theory by Oliver Feltham

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By Oliver Feltham

Alain Badiou is absolutely the main interesting and influential voice in modern French philosophy and some of the most very important theorists at paintings this day. His effect on continental philosophy and the broader philosophy neighborhood, politics and the humanities within the final two decades has been huge.

Alain Badiou: reside Theory bargains a concise and available creation to his paintings and notion, laying out the critical subject matters of his significant works, together with his magnum opus, Being and Event, and its long-awaited sequel, Logics of Worlds. Oliver Feltham explores the basic questions by which Badiou's philosophy regularly evolves, identifies the main turning issues in his principles, and makes a transparent case for the coherence and strong singularity of his suggestion whilst hired within the research of political and inventive occasions. Feltham examines the thinkers and theorists with whom Badiou has engaged and who've engaged with him, arguing that Badiou's paintings is compelling accurately since it opens up new genealogies and new polemics within the highbrow panorama. The ebook incorporates a fresh interview with Badiou, during which he discusses his present issues and destiny plans.

This is the precise significant other to check for college students and readers encountering this attention-grabbing philosopher for the 1st time.

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The instrument of that systematization is none other than the revo­ lutionary Party, as conceived by Lenin. The party is Badiou's third name for the subject of history inasmuch as its role is the directive articulation and organization of class struggle according to the communist proj ect (DI, 6; Te , 8, 1 2, 45). It is at this point that Badiou rehabilitates the category of the subject; contrary to Althusser, it is not the mere effect of ideology but the party itself as the material organization of revolution­ ary action.

Subsequently he removes this vulnerability, but at the price of rehabilitating ontology in Being and Event. Once one declares that all discourses make ontological claims in terms of unity and multiplicity, that mathematics is the most rigorous discourse on the existence of unity and multiplicity and that mathemat­ ics itself is ontology, then there can be no 'exportation' of mathematics since its structures are said to schematize the existence of any situation whatsoever. But as we shall see in Chapter 3, the rehabilitation of ontol­ ogy creates other vulnerabilities, inviting the twin accusations of a meta­ phorical use of mathematics and the development of an unanchored, unverifiable and irredeemably abstract ontology.

Both of these texts which carefully disentangle mathematical practice from previous philosophical and ideological interpretations end with the concept of re-forging (rifimte) and with incomplete gestures towards its importance for thinking political change. 58 The context of these ges­ tures is the provision of a solution on the part of Concept de Modele and 'Subversion Infinitesimale ' to the Althusserian problematic of thinking consistent change in a complex structure. Mathematics furnishes us with a conception of the production of new knowledge via both the experi­ mental construction of models and the occurrence of transformational nominations.

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