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New Jewish Identities: Contemporary Europe and Beyond

This choice of essays bargains with the advanced difficulties hooked up to the query of Jewish id within the modern global. in line with a convention held in Budapest, Hungary in July 2001, it analyses and compares how Jews conceive in their Jewishness. Do they see it in normally non secular, cultural or ethnic phrases?

All About Hanukkah

A highly-praised retelling of the Hanukkah tale with vivid, colourful images and dialogue tops and inquiries to increase all of the eight nights of get together. With candle benefits, principles for enjoying dreidel, recipes for ltakes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), phrases and song to favourite Hanukkah songs -- plus options on being loose, being diversified, miracles, legends, heroes, presents, gelt, and giving.

Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People: A Study in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Biblical Commentary

It is a cautious exam of the doctrine of Jewish chosenness within the gentle of Gersonides's concept on providential affliction and on inherited windfall. Gersonides is without doubt one of the best and critical philosophers of the later Jewish heart a while. Gersonides was once one of many highbrow giants of the medieval Jewish global, a philosopher of outstanding range and ingenuity.

Speaking of Jews: Rabbis, Intellectuals, and the Creation of an American Public Identity

Lila Corwin Berman asks why, over the process the 20 th century, American Jews grew to become more and more involved, even obsessed, with explaining themselves to their non-Jewish associates. What she discovers is that language itself grew to become a very important software for Jewish team survival and integration into American lifestyles.

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See, for example, Treatise on Logic, and his Commentary to the Mishnah, particularly his introductions to Seder Zera'im, Avot (Eight Chapters), and Sanhedrin 10 (Pereq Heleq). 172 HOWARD KREISEL philosophersin formulatinghis approachto particularissues, not always himself to a specific view. 9 In general, Maimonidesprovides a basic frameworkfor a solution to the issues with which he deals, perhapssensing many of the problems which remain whose details he had not fully workedout. The Guide should be viewed as the productof an authorin the processof thinkingand rethinkingsome of the importantissues he discusses, even while writinghis work.

On Babylonian Jewish society, see Jacob Neusner, A History of the Jews in Babylonia, 5 vols. (Leiden:Brill, 1965-70); I. Gafni, Ye/hudeBavel bi-Tequfatha-Talmud(Jerusalem:Zalman ShazarCenter,1990). 143. " ANDMAGIC RITUALAND PURITYIN EARLYJEWISHMYSTICISM 167 Magiciansand Monks To attainthis success, the magicianmust sequesterhimselffromsociety andespeciallytheoppositesex. The humancreatureis a son of a stinkingdrop,bornin impurity, who eats and excretes-in other words,a physicallyobnoxiousbeing who has no right to keep companywith the angels.

DEl IN MAIMONIDES' GUIDE OF THE PERPLEXED IMITATIO 173 Maimonidesintroducescertaininconsistencieson purpose,at times he only realizesin the courseof writinghis workthattherearecertaininconsistencies between some of his views and he seeks to offer a solution;still at other times certaininconsistenciesappearto escape his notice altogether,or he is not convincedof the finalanswer. "Clearlyany attempt develop conceptionof humanperfection and inzitatioDei drawingupon the Greekand Islamicphilosophicalsources had to address a range of questions concerningGod and the essence of the humansoul, questionson which these sources were hardlyunanimous or unequivocalin their answers.

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