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New Jewish Identities: Contemporary Europe and Beyond

This selection of essays offers with the advanced difficulties hooked up to the query of Jewish id within the modern international. according to a convention held in Budapest, Hungary in July 2001, it analyses and compares how Jews conceive in their Jewishness. Do they see it in commonly spiritual, cultural or ethnic phrases?

All About Hanukkah

A highly-praised retelling of the Hanukkah tale with vibrant, colourful photographs and dialogue tops and inquiries to improve all the eight nights of party. With candle benefits, ideas for taking part in dreidel, recipes for ltakes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts), phrases and tune to favourite Hanukkah songs -- plus strategies on being unfastened, being varied, miracles, legends, heroes, presents, gelt, and giving.

Gersonides on Providence, Covenant, and the Chosen People: A Study in Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Biblical Commentary

This can be a cautious exam of the doctrine of Jewish chosenness within the gentle of Gersonides's suggestion on providential discomfort and on inherited windfall. Gersonides is likely one of the best and critical philosophers of the later Jewish heart a while. Gersonides used to be one of many highbrow giants of the medieval Jewish global, a philosopher of outstanding variety and ingenuity.

Speaking of Jews: Rabbis, Intellectuals, and the Creation of an American Public Identity

Lila Corwin Berman asks why, over the process the 20 th century, American Jews grew to become more and more interested, even obsessed, with explaining themselves to their non-Jewish pals. What she discovers is that language itself grew to become a very important instrument for Jewish team survival and integration into American lifestyles.

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In the much more extensive materialwe have for traditionalMorocco,there is hardly any indication of friction over matchmaking(Deshen 1989:107-108). '" Social Institutions,Positions,and Stereotypes Amongthe new institutionsthatdevelopedin nineteenth-century Baghdad were talmudicacademies,benevolentfunds for the benefitof cities in the Holy Land, and funds for the sick (Hayim 2:66, 1:111; 1973:223). "The community"(ha-kolel)is reportedto havepaidsalariesto thejudges,stipends to scholars,money for the education(andmeals)of students,andthe salaries of their teachers (Hayim 2:17b, 4:21).

An illuminatingsermonfrom 1913 adds to this. But now wealthy men do not devote themselves much to public affairs,but concentrateon commerce,"andsince the richarenoteffective,neitherarethe sageseffective (ve-kevanshe-cashirim'en k'an, hakhamim. . gamnken 'en k'an)"(Agassi 1968:208-209). He is notablymild. The religiosocialdisintegrationthat is reflectedin the sermonis not far-reaching. In late Ottomantimes secularizationwas slow in comingto Baghdadand reactionto it mild. Abandonmentof religiouspracticesin Baghdadwas not rabbinical attitude toward change in Europe in the early stages of secularization; it changes as the movement for innovation is bolstered by ideology.

This suggests that the role of matchmaker was not as institutionalized in Baghdad as it was in Ashkenazi Jewry, perhaps because the size and heterogeneity of the population were only recent developments in Baghdad. It distributedfundsfor the operationof talmudicacademiesthathadoriginally been established by private initiative. The "beadle"and "beadle of the court-of-law"(shamashbet din) (Hayim1:74b,2:84b)andritualslaughterers were appointedby the community(Somekh2:221). 14 In anothercase a sage who servedas a judge was maintainedpartlyfroma fund for the sick (quppatbiqqurholim) thatwas supportedby ten wealthymen.

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