Advanced SQL Injection In SQL Server Applications

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You can design a complete application that consists solely of message routing ports. In fact, many of the service-oriented patterns that we visit throughout this book will not require an orchestration. That said, there are a number of scenarios where injecting orchestrations into the solution makes sense. For instance, instead of subscribing directly to the "new employee" message, perhaps a payroll system will need additional data (such as bank information for a direct deposit) not currently available in the original employee message.

For instance, we can add the Name and Namespace properties to the ServiceContract to better characterize this service in our environment. We can also add a series of properties to the OperationContract to control what the operation is named and the SOAPAction value is set to. Why give an alternate name to a service operation? Consider scenarios where you have an overloaded operation in your WCF service contract, and need each WSDL operation to have a unique public name. NET) support overloading, but the WSDL standard no longer does.

While binding configurations play a key role in refining the way the service operates over the wire, WCF behaviors are used to provide custom extensions to the WCF runtime. There are four places where behaviors may be applied in a WCF solution: • Contract • Operation • Endpoint • Service For example, we can apply a serviceMetadata behavior to the service in order to allow clients to investigate the service WSDL. Also, at the service level, we are capable of controlling the number of concurrent calls via the serviceThrottling behavior.

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