Administration eines Apache Servers

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Multimediale Client-Server-Systeme

Multimediale Client-Server-Anwendungen (insbesondere sog. wealthy web Applikationen) entwickeln sich rasant. Die Gründe hierfür sind steigende Bandbreiten im net, ausgereifte Kompressionstechnologien sowie leistungsstarke Endgeräte. Die Anwendungen sind mittlerweile so attraktiv, dass diese mit dem klassischen Unterhaltungsmedium Fernsehen konkurrieren können.

Apache: The Definitive Guide (3rd Edition)

Apache is way and away the main ordinary internet server platform on the planet. this flexible server runs greater than 1/2 the world's current websites. Apache is either unfastened and rock-solid, working greater than 21 million websites starting from large e-commerce operations to company intranets and smaller pastime websites.

GlassFish Administration

Administer and configure the GlassFish v2 software server Get GlassFish put in and configured prepared to be used combine GlassFish with well known Open resource items akin to Open MQ, Open DS, and Apache energetic MQ, and get them operating jointly in a loosely-coupled demeanour Configure source forms like JDBC, Java Connector structure (JCA), JavaMail classes, and customized JNDI supported in GlassFish to simplify source entry and integration safe, computer screen, troubleshoot, and music your program server example intimately to construct a robust construction setting to your Java EE platforms, you would like an exceptional software server, and the abilities to regulate it.

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B. Windows 9x/Me cannot be run in integrated mode; they run in standard security mode. See Chapter 1 for more information. 8. B. There is no Standard mode in SQL Server 2000; you need Mixed Mode because there are a number of clients that do not have Windows accounts to be verified against. See Chapter 5 for more information. 9. C, D. All versions of SQL Server 2000 for servers support named instances. See Chapter 2 for more information. 10. B. The TRUNCATEONLY option is used to remove all free space from a database and return it to the operating system.

History of Structured Query Language (SQL) During the 1970s, IBM invented a computer language designed specifically for database queries. This language was called SEQUEL, which stood for Structured English Query Language. ” Over time, the language has been expanded so that it is not just a language for queries but can also be used to build databases and manage security of the database engine. Currently, there are various versions of SQL in use. com Some Background on SQL Server 9 Microsoft SQL Server uses a version called T-SQL, or Transact-SQL (both stand for Transaction SQL).

One of your users asks what a view is. Which answer would you give? A. Precompiled code that stores data B. A stored query that operates like a virtual table C. A method for organizing like data D. com Review Questions 21 12. You have 50 users who telecommute from home and need access to your SQL Server computer. By corporate policy, they can use only Internet Explorer on the corporate network. Which version of SQL Server would you install for those users? A. The Personal version on every user’s computer B.

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