A Record of Meetings: A Record of Some of Meetings Held by by P. D. Ouspensky

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By P. D. Ouspensky

Questions from scholars, and Ouspensky's solutions, at conferences among 1930 and 1947, make up some of the component of this booklet. issues coated contain will, evil or evolution and points of Ouspensky's theoretical and useful philosophy.

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But human mind cannot invent any theory of life after death without there being some truth in it. It will be either a distortion of esoteric ideas or simp ly an invention. In both cases they carry a certain amount of truth in them. People think about this question since the creation of the world and still they did not come to any conclusion. Evidently there is some obstacle that prevents them from knowing about it. I think it is length of ideas. Our ideas are too short. Perhaps if we were able to use higher centres, which have longer ideas, we could know.

Try to think what is the real reason for employing them. Q . Is it connected with the four elements? M R . O. It is the same thing. Personally I think that earth is H ; fire is C; air is N , and water is O. But this is my personal interpretation. Q . Where do you get the energy necessary for the special effort needed for the first shock? M R . O. Impressions 48 are colourless impressions. If you make the effort to be conscious, by this effort you can bring carbon 12 to the necessary place, C12 can produce a certain emotional state and a certain state of consciousness.

School-work can be successful only if one works on three lines: first, personal work; second, work with people; third, work for the benefit of the school, work for a certain definite purpose, whether one knows this purpose or not. So far you worked on the first line. Now time has come to try and also work on the second line. The third line comes later. You must think how to pass to work on the second line and later to approach the third. Without this, work will bring no result. You must think how to remain connected with some kind of work.

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