A Reckless Witch (A Modern Witch Series: Book 3) by Debora Geary

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By Debora Geary

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A job where unhappy dogs tried to bite you all day long needed to pay better than eight dollars an hour. The next job listing was for a Spanish translator. Her Spanish was pretty decent. She clicked on that one—all good until the part about a university degree and translator certification. Ugh. Stunt double. Ick. Shower scenes were not stunts. Then she spied one that sounded pretty cool. Indie-film gopher. But crap, they just wanted people willing to work for lunch and possible future fame. That didn’t pay the rent.

You’re not trying to hold the layers still—they’re looping. ” Oh, man—she was in a room with a totally famous witch and being a complete geek. “Sorry. ” Although that sounded pretty awesome. ” Nell looked at her for a moment, and then turned off the spell. “Why don’t you give it a try? ” Sierra called to power and mumbled under her breath. No point letting Nell hear her dorky rhymes. The joining part was a bit tricky, but a few moments later, she had the air currents flowing in three layers around the room.

Govin looked at the data points. They were at the far end of his reach—not exactly the best range for accuracy. ” TJ shook his head. “It’s a really small storm, very localized, but strong. If you’re going to miss, do it on the high side. That way we don’t get a full-blown funnel, just some big wave action. ” Govin readied his spell as he hung his feet over the edge of the helicopter, doing his best imitation of a special-forces weather witch. “I call on Fire, a tinder blast A white-hot shield, flat and fast.

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