A Grammar of New Testament Greek, Volume I: Prolegomena by James Hope Moulton

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By James Hope Moulton

Compliment for A Grammar of latest testomony Greek: ""The so much entire account of the language of the hot testomony ever produced via British scholars."" --The Expository occasions

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P . 9), discussing th e idio m 5i! o Sfo (se e below, p. 97) , speaks of the theor y of Semitism and Thumb's denia l of it, an d proceeds: "Th e trut h lie s betwee n th e two , u it doe s i n man y similar cases— I a m thinkin g amon g other s o f Graecism s i n Latin, an d o f Latinism s an d Gallicism s i n German . " I welcome such a confirmation o f my thesis from th e acknowledge d maste r of our craft . CHAPTER II . HISTORY O F TH E "COMMON " GREEK . W E proceed t o examin e th e natur e an d A Ne w Study history o f th e vernacula r Gree k itself.

Cf 12 A GRAMMA R O F NE W TESTAMEN T GREEK . 1 „. A ver y importan t distinctio n mus t b e Grammatical , . ',. . , , ,, .. and Lexical draw n a ^ *ms P°mt betwee n Semitism s concerning vocabular y an d thos e whic h affec t syntax. Th e forme r hav e occupie d u s mainl y s o far , and they ar e th e principa l subjec t o f Deissmanii' s work. Grammatical Semitism s ar e a muc h mor e seriou s matter . W e might indee d rang e unde r thi s hea d al l sin s agains t nativ e Greek styl e an d idiom , suc h a s mos t N T book s wil l show .

Moreover, if Deissman n ha s brough t u s a long way, we must not forge t th e complementar y researche s o f Dalman , which have opene d up a ne w worl d o f possibilitie s i n th e scientifi c reconstruction o f Aramai c originals , an d hav e warned u s o f the importanc e o f distinguishin g ver y carefull y betwee n Semitisms fro m tw o widel y differen t sources . Wha t w e can asser t wit h assuranc e i s tha t th e papyr i hav e finally destroyed th e figmen t o f a N T Gree k whic h i n an y material respec t differe d fro m tha t spoke n b y ordinar y > Art.

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