A Dispensational Synopsis of the New Testament by Charles F Baker

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By Charles F Baker

During this major paintings of two hundred plus pages, each New testomony publication is taken into account. An emphasis on each one book's specific dispensational positive factors is obviously, consisely recommend.

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The corrective truth which Paul uses to remedy this situation is the unity of believers as members of the Body of Christ. The epistle was written during what is generally termed the transition period. There exists a difference of opinion among the brethren whether the circumcision believers in Christ at this time were members of the Body, but it is important to see that Paul, in speaking of Peter and others of the circumcision, contends for a very close unity of all believers in Christ. This fact is plainly seen in the first three chapters.

Perhaps this brief review will serve to remind us of our objectives in this series of dispensational synopses of New Testament books. As Romans expounds the doctrine of justification by faith, so Ephesians reveals especially the doctrine of the church which is Christ's Body. Most commentators acknowledge that this epistle gives us the most exalted revelation of heavenly truth in all the Bible. However, comparatively few sense the uniqueness of this revelation as having to do with a divine purpose which was kept secret from all ages and generations past until it was finally revealed to and through the apostle Paul.

The assembled believers in Jerusalem were not alone filled with the Spirit, but also baptized by the Spirit into one body. But even on that glorious day, when the evidence was so wonderfully given that the One who had died on the Cross is risen, and at God's right hand, the truth concerning the church, the Mystery was not made known. Peter did not preach a word about the church. The Lord chose Saul of Tarsus, the persecutor of the church, as steward of this hidden Mystery. It was revealed to him.

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