A Contemporary Mind and Other Crimes by B'Ryan

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By B'Ryan

This ebook is a liberal arts degree
for those who didn't have the time
to get a Masters.

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El café’s business clienteles’ acumen was refined into an art form because any potentially profitable gossip or compromising rumors from the loose lips of whiskey generated profitable gains. Brien decided to seed the gossip fields with cover stories among El café’s worst social delinquents at the bar, just in case a possible fast departure from Panamá was necessitated. My gossip was Rubén’s slow recuperation was due to a serious illness. 52 A CONTEMPORARY MIND AND OTHER CRIMES Partners in Progress’ Rulelessness Within days, the papers reported the Colombian officials had located the robbers’ campsite and were hot on the trail.

An nomadic “Incosmo” with transmodern inclinations and accented 48 A CONTEMPORARY MIND AND OTHER CRIMES libertine attitudes; my liberal ideas of living self-critically are without excessive conviction but with an excess of cynicism towards the conclusions of inherited standards because no one culture, society or—ism has a monopoly on the best of all possible worlds. See and think clearly, while recognizing the necessary. Critically formulated perspectives and assessments avoid decisions being impulsive responses to manipulated psychology and extraneous influences.

40 A CONTEMPORARY MIND AND OTHER CRIMES –What do you mean? –Tropical America is a cultural integration that lies between the idealistic fantasy culture of the North and South America’s traditionalized identities. Tropical America’s heart and mature intelligence evolved from Indian America’s cultures and centuries of slavery wisdom. The culture’s aesthetic appreciation and comprehensions of the underling unity of diversity accepts and enjoys the many eccentricities, nuances and accompanying annoyances, which facilitate the individual compared to the restraint priorities of more rigid conformist societies.

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