A Candidate for the Kiss by Angela Knight

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By Angela Knight

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Now Anders popped the top on his beer with a violent gesture of one grimy hand. "It's a helluvalot of money to give some bastard from out-of-state. I still say we should do it ourselves and keep the cash" Mason hooted. "Yeah, right. We'd have the Secret Service so far up our ass we'd be pulling badges out of our teeth. This guy is good. " "Maybe he's good. " Anders' little black eyes gleamed in the firelight, feral and mean over his scraggly beard. " Something growled. A rush of blackness detached itself from the night and snatched Anders off the ground, then swung him around like a rag and slammed him against the nearest tree.

Or that courtesan's mouth, Archer thought with a stir of hunger. Her lips were full, pouting and exotic, parted slightly to reveal straight, white teeth. There was a wealth of erotic potential in that mouth. Her feminine scent only added to the temptation: gently musky, blending with the sharp copper of blood to set Archer's appetite burning. She must have cut herself in that fall. God, he'd love to kiss it and make it well. Looking at her, scenting her, Archer felt a ravenous heat. He might consider himself a professional, but his body was a creature of sex, blood and seduction.

Dana cried, her voice ragged with shame. " Archer froze. She felt the hot wind of his breath gusting hard against her ear, heard him swallow. "No," he said, his voice hoarse. " Then he was gone, releasing her so quickly she would have fallen if he hadn't caught her again. He spun her around, gathering her wrists in one hand. She felt the touch of something cool around one of them, heard a snap, a musical rattle. He was handcuffing her again. He was going to take her right here in the parking lot.

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