1000 questions & answers from clinical medicine by Parveen Kumar CBE BSc MD DM (HC) FRCP FRCP(Edin),

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By Parveen Kumar CBE BSc MD DM (HC) FRCP FRCP(Edin), Michael L Clark MD FRCP

What explanations high blood pressure in youngsters?
. Is it universal for epileptic sufferers to have post-ictal vomiting? if that is so, how frequently does this happen?
. Why is the prevalence of parkinsonism much less universal in people who smoke?
. what's the position of urine exam in diabetic regulate?

Where do you switch to when you've got a tough scientific query that wishes answering?

The 'Ask the writer' on-line characteristic from the best-selling textbook Kumar & Clark's Clinical Medicine has gathered a wealth of questions and reviews at once from clinical scholars and medical professionals approximately issues which are of specific curiosity or hassle to them.

Kumar and Clark have introduced jointly over a thousand of the questions they've been requested in addition to their solutions. it's going to entice the various lovers of Kumar & Clark, from first-year scholars to training medical professionals, and may supply an invaluable and engaging sounding board to assist make sure top practice.

This exact e-book gives you a brief and simple method to observe the solutions in your personal clinical questions.!

  • The writing sort is attractive and conversational, designed to entertain in addition to instruct.
  • Carries the 'Kumar & Clark' stamp of authority.
  • All questions absolutely listed for ease of reference.
  • Covers issues which are simply misunderstood in drugs - stable instruction for scientific scholars, senior residence officers/interns and experts in training/residents getting ready for written or oral exams.

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Increased sympathetic stimulation produces the well-known anxiety symptoms, for example before exams when increased stimulation produces diarrhoea. Answer 2 The salivary lymph glands are part of the superficial lymphatic drainage of the neck; enlargement occurs in infection and in malignant disease. The submandibular gland is swollen if there is blockage of the duct or if a tumour is present. It can also be affected by the mumps virus, although parotid involvement is more common. Answer 3 Barrett’s oesophagus is defined as areas of columnar epithelium with intestinal metaplasia extending upwards in the lower oesophagus replacing the normal squamous epithelium.

In many patients it is initially unclear where the bleeding is coming from, so PPIs tend to be given to everybody even though they have never been shown to be of value in, for example, variceal bleeding. g. tissue transglutaminase and endomysial antibodies, which are now being used extensively. The general awareness of coeliac disease has also increased. Answer 37 44 Theoretically, yes! However, even a gluten-free diet has very tiny amounts of gluten and probably these small amounts are not overtly harmful in most patients.

Question 35 Can patients with liver cell failure suffer from myocardial infarction? Question 36 What is the definition of liver cell failure (decompensated liver disease)? 51 7 Liver, biliary tract and pancreatic disease Question 37 Flapping tremors: why do we get flapping tremors and no other types of tremor in liver failure? What is their mechanism and in which other conditions do they occur? Question 38 In a patient with liver cell failure, can there be resting and action tremors or parkinsonian features if it is confirmed that the patient does not have Wilson’s disease?

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